Fat Tire eBike

In adverse conditions in the snow or on sandy surfaces, you need a system that gives you power and the necessary grip. Our M090 gives you both and helps you to move safely and quickly on your bike even in these special conditions.

High Reliability

High Torque Output

High Efficiency

The Perfect Component For Snow And Sand Applications


Our M090 Fat Tire System is perfect for use in snow or on very sandy surfaces. The engine impresses with great power, but always under control. With a very good grip, i.e. sensor performance, matched to the performance of the engine in conjunction with the external, special circumstances.

Power: 750W
Voltage: 48V
Torque: ≥80Nm

Power: 750W
Voltage: 48V
Current Limit: 32A

Signal: Bilateral 
Range: 0~100Nm 

Size: 3.5 inch TFT
Functions: Navigation/Power shift function/Speed/Health data

This system is rated at 48V/750W, and can achieve surging power of more than 1000W. The peak output torque can reach 80Nm. It is equipped with an ultra-high sensitive torque sensor. With dynamic system adjustment, you can easily take control in different situations, bringing an unforgettable ultimate experience.

Fat Tire Bike Impressions