“Technology creates a better life. With an open and enterprising attitude, we build an innovation management system that benchmarks against world-class advanced enterprises. Since its birth, Mivice has regarded technology as an important element of innovation. 

Carrying the dream of scientific and technological workers, we must transform outstanding technological achievements into products that can bring people a good experience and stand the test of time through persevering efforts. Technology changes our lives, and technology creates a better future. Our vision is: to focus on providing leading electric drive system solutions, and to become a world-leading technology company that is widely loved by users with safe, reliable, comfortable and intelligent products”

Tony Luo, Founder

This is MIVICE

M&S E-Driving System Co., Ltd (MIVICE), established in 2017, is a company focusing on R&D and manufacturing. With a clear understanding of the market needs we have developed our service processes and related structures. We offer finest riding technology – so we are commited to provide industry-leading, safe, reliable, comfortable and intelligent products.

MIVICE product portfolio offers front and rear hub motors, mid motors, intelligent controllers, torque sensors and smart HMIs. Our innovative torque sensors which incorporate patented new technologies leads to a comfortable, safe and natural riding feeling at a new level. MIVICE always implemented the industrial manufacturing standards and management concepts of top international companies, and strictly enforced international requirements in each aspect of product development, manufacturing and quality control. The systematic and complete solution caters our customers with a unified technology platform, high adaptability, high reliability, high performance and high efficiency products and supporting services.

MIVICE has established R&D centers globally and has brought together experts and senior technical teams from industries, R&D personnel accounted one third (!) of our employees . Since our foundation in 2017 we have applied more than 60 patents, along with accomplished multiple technological breakthroughs and innovations in the research and development & manufacturing of motors, controllers, torque sensors and other products. This shows our high degree of innovation processes we are focussed in.

Our goal for the future is to continue to develop innovation solutions for ebike mobility and to inspire people. Concentrated on technological innovation and stood still on product quality, MIVICE will wholeheartedly provide safe and reliable products with sincere service to users worldwide.

History of Company


MIVICE EUROPE GMBH (D), European Headquarter
Sales, Marketing & Service
MIVICE Sales Office Taiwan


MIVICE EUROPE BV (NL), logistic location


MIVICE R&D center Shenzhen
Success in R&D of motors and controllers
MIVICE Sales Office Tianjin


M&S E-Driving System Co. Ltd
Founded to enter the E-bike Market and dedicated to E-driving System


Joint Venture with leading german scooter motor supplier
Start new Era in DC Motor field in China


Ningbo Poltm
Founded to design and manufacture e-scooter motors