Travel eBike

What could be better than taking your bike on a wonderful tour of your surroundings? With our M080 engine, we offer you a faithful companion for use on the road, but also on gravel tracks. And always with the necessary power and indescribable smoothness. For passionate track explorers.

Great Power Performance

Safe And Reliable

Very Efficient

Suitable For Multiple Track Conditions


Power: 250W~350W
Voltage: 36V
Torque: ≥40Nm

Power: 200W~350W
Voltage: 36V
Current Limit: 14A

Signal: Bilateral 
Range: 0~100Nm 

Size: 3.5 inch TFT
Functions: Navigation/Power shift function/Speed/Health data

This set combines intelligent performance and vigorous power output, designed for high power and high torque use scenarios. Continuous power output can reach 350W; motor efficiency can reach 80%; maximum torque output ≥40Nm, easy to deal with all kinds of complex road conditions and also mountain terrain. This system is suitable for multiple road conditions.

Travel eBike Impressions