Travel eBike

Traveling with the bike and sub-urban commuting is more and more coming. A strong, reliable, system is a must here. With our M080 Eco-Series you have a powerful and sturdy system for your vision of a travel bike.

M080 System

The M080 can be seen as the flagship of our Eco-Series. It combines intelligent adjustment with vigorous power output and can easy deal with all kinds of complex road conditions. The M080 is a true all-rounder. You can choose from a single speed version, up to a 9-speed cassette body version to fit nearly every usecase.

Great Power Performance

Safe And Reliable

Very Efficient

Suitable For Multiple Track Conditions

Power: 250W~350W
Voltage: 36V
Torque: ≥40Nm

Power: 200W~350W
Voltage: 36V/48V
Current Limit: 14A

Signal: Bilateral 
Range: 0~100Nm 

Size: 3.5 inch TFT
Functions: Navigation/Power shift function/Speed/Health data

Travel eBike Impressions