The controller is virtually the brain of the bike - it combines the power of the engine with the sensitivity of the sensor in the right dosage for you. Without him, you would be virtually out of control - so it is all the more important to rely on high quality standards, especially in the controller, to give you a very good driving experience in all riding situations.

  • MIVICE welding process is simple, avoiding the surfacing process, reducing the welding risk
  • Excellent heat dissipation design, the same volume can withstand greater load capacity
  • Motor drive FOC vector control, using a combination of HALL interpolation and sensorless control
  • Independent design of each functional module, high degree of system decoupling, no software bugs and greatly improved reliability.
Model NO. C201 Controller C203 Controller C205 Controller
Rated Voltage (DC V) 36/48 36/48 36/48
Rated Power (W) 250~350 250~350 250
DC Current Limit (A) Dc Rated 7A/36V Current Limited 14A/36V Dc Rated 7A/36V Current Limited 14A/36V Dc Rated 7A/36V Current Limited 14A/36V
Undervoltage Value (V) 31/41 31/41 31/41
Static Power Consumption (W) ﹤2 ﹤2 ﹤2
Lamp Voltage (V) 12/36 (Recommended)/48 12/36 (Recommended)/48 12/36 (Recommended)/48
Dimensions (Mm) 78×51×25 122×52×52 86×38.5×24.5
Housing Material Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy+Plastic
Weight (G) 91 (Without Wiring Harness) 120 (Without Wiring Harness) 100 (Without Wiring Harness)
Harness Interface According To Customer Needs According To Customer Needs According To Customer Needs
Boost Mode Torque + Cadence Sensing Torque + Cadence Sensing Torque + Cadence Sensing
Control Algorithm Sine Foc Sine Foc Sine Foc
Motor Matching Hall Motor Hall Motor Hall Motor
Protocol Uart/Canbus Uart Uart
Assistance Level 5 (Typ)/Custom 5 (Typ)/Custom 5 (Typ)/Custom
Speed Limit (Km/H) 25 (Typ)/Custom 25 (Typ)/Custom 25 (Typ)/Custom
Automatic Sleep Support Support Support
Light Control Access Support Support Support
Upgrade Maintenance Method Serial Uart/Canbus Serial Uart Serial Uart
Working Temperature (°C) -20°C~45°C -20°C~45°C -20°C~45°C
Protection Class Ip66 Ip65 Ip65
Salt Spray Grade (H) 96 72 96
Certification En 15194/Rohs/Ul2849 En 15194/Rohs/Ul2849 En 15194/Rohs
IoT-ready Yes Yes Yes

Therefore MIVICE-eBike-Parts

Our mission is to turn our passion for biking into products - giving everyone in the world the opportunity to positively experience the MIVICE product that is right for them. We do not only develop products theoretically - we also test and try our components intensively ourselves on the roads, trails or gravel paths. The experience of both drives us to develop and produce the best possible product for you.

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