Mid Drive Unit

With our Mid Drive Unit you have the perfect companion for demanding terrain, where it depends on agility, good dosage and a power applied in the right situation. The X700 develops great power, combined with a very sensitive sensor technology, which gives you security and control on the trail.

  • The  controller has high matching degree with the motor, very stable performance and high reliability.
  • The core algorithm of riding is self-developed, also tested in practice through countless test procedures in the machine as well as on the trail.
  • The riding response is sensitive, which comes very close to a natural driving experience
  • The built-in magnetic steel design enables the MIVICE motor to provide higher power output
Model NO. X700 Mid Drive Unit  
Rated Voltage (DC V) 36 48
Rated Power (W) Optional(250-500) Optional(250-500)
Dimensions 223×154×141 223×154×141
Weight (kg) 3,6 3,6
Motor Position MID MID
Way Out Terminal Block Outlet Terminal Block Outlet
Wheel Size 2Optional Optional
CL (mm) 53 53
System Efficiency ≥80% ≥80%
Max Torque (Nm) ≥100 ≥110
No load Speed (rpm) 110±5 % 115±5 %
Rated Speed (rpm) 97±5%(500W) 104±5%(500W)
Reduction Ratio 36 36
Noise (dBA) L=1m ﹤65 ﹤65
transmission Gear Drive Gear Drive
Shaft Standard ISIS ISIS
Crankset (Recommended) 38T 38T
Sensor Cadence and Torque Integrated Cadence and Torque Integrated
Front/Rear lights DC12V / 6W DC12V / 6W
Feature Options Brake sensor(POWER OFF) Shift sensor(POWER OFF) Brake sensor(POWER OFF) Shift sensor(POWER OFF)
Operating temperature (°C) -20°C~45°C -20°C~45°C
IP Rating IP65 IP65
Certification EN 15194/ROHS EN 15194/ROHS

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Our mission is to turn our passion for biking into products - giving everyone in the world the opportunity to positively experience the MIVICE product that is right for them. We do not only develop products theoretically - we also test and try our components intensively ourselves on the roads, trails or gravel paths. The experience of both drives us to develop and produce the best possible product for you.

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