Cargo eBike

Cargo bikes require powerful, easily controllable drive systems. The focus here is on the transportation of goods and people, which creates special requirements. The X700 with a dedicated CARGO-tuned software version with focus on incremental power for easy start and peak torque of 100 NM which supports climbing with heavy loads is the perfect fit for moving your daily loads.

X700 System – Cargo

The X700 mid-drive unit is a good fitting option for your cargo usecase. The strong peak power of 800W and the high torque of 100Nm in the beginning is the perfect assistance to get you loaded cargo bike moving. Also consider the possibility to use the multi-battery option. Combine up to four 540WH battery packs to gain a maximum of capacity. 

Maximum Power

Stable And Consistent

Smooth urban riding

High Efficiency

Power: 250W
Voltage: 36/48W
Torque: ≥100Nm

Size: 3.5 inch TFT
Functions: Navigation/Power shift function/Speed/Health data

The cargo system offers the option to combine up to four batteries and by that designing cargo bike solutions with more than 2000 WH of battery capacity on board.

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