Why service is so important for MIVICE

We are all enthusiastic cyclists - and we know what it means if you have to abstain from your beloved bike.

That's why the quality of our products and the service that goes with them are particularly important to us and are always in top of our development.  To make products as efficient, user-friendly and suitable for everyday use as possible. Few vulnerable - but if something should happen, with the best possible service.

You have questions?

The approval and integration of our motors are coordinated in a process with our bicycle partners and sold according to regional regulations. A modification is unfortunately not possible here.

It depends on the installed display of your bike manufacturer, we offer open systems, which means that not necessarily a MIVICE display must be installed. Unfortunately, it is not automatically possible to change to our displays.

We currently do not offer our own batteries, these are assembled by the bicycle manufacturers to our system. Here you must please contact your bike manufacturer / dealer.

The distribution of spare parts for our system is done through specialized dealers or directly from the manufacturer of the bike. Unfortunately, you can not order spare parts directly from us.

Unfortunately this is not possible, we sell our systems only to bicycle manufacturers.

We have decided not to send paper catalogs for sustainability reasons. However, you can download the current catalog here.

We are convinced that for each engine, depending on the type of rider, riding situation and for concepts of the bicycle manufacturer may give different systems, whether rear or mid- engine. In demanding of trail use f.e. , the mid-engine continues to have its clear advantages, for all other areas this is not so clear to determine, here there are pros and cons.

Rear motors are usually lighter and can be integrated very well into the overall design of the bike. Also, this type of motor has a different, sensitive but agile response, especially in conjunction with the patented MIVICE bottom bracket sensor system.The wear of chain and cassette (if installed) is lower than in mid-engines, which is why this is also very popular with frequent riders.

The middrive unit convinces with its central bearing, i.e. better control especially in demanding mountain bike use. The center of gravity of the bike is not only central, but also slightly lower. This gives the bike better control and more active handling when jumps, heels or narrow trails.
Also, through the use of a mid-motor, you can also use a hub as well as a derailleur.

Front drives are even lighter than rear drives and are very popular for compact bikes such as folding bikes. It is also very quiet and reacts very quickly, with him can also be installed hub as well as derailleur gears.

We want to offer our customers the right system according to their own taste. Some like it more centrally placed and slightly larger & with more options. Others want it more compact with basic functions on the side, so that they can switch with both hands on the handlebars. There is no problem to choose / swap between both displays if it has already been configured at a bike manufacturer. But always best to ask them beforehand.

MIVICE is a globally operating company with international sales and service headquarters in Germany. The products are produced in Ningbo/China , the development consists of an international team of bikeenthusiastic engineers.

We have an experience of over 20 years in engine production, during which it has accumulated an immense wealth of experience. MIVICE's promise is to enable everyone in the world to experience a MIVICE product, and to do so at the best possible quality. Our production and service performance as well as customer satisfaction is always our first priority!

Please send us a mail to contact@~@mivice.com with the details of your origin and what kind of bike you are looking for. We will give you options.

Please send a mail with your request to contact@~@mivice.com and will forward your request to the relevant persons.

Please contact your dealer or you bike manufactur. They are usually well trained on our system and should be able to analyze and fix the problem. Otherwise, we are in contact with them and give our partners the fastest possible Support.

We develop and sell our motor systems together with our bike partners and their sales structures. In order to avoid incorrect deliveries, misunderstandings and to guarantee fast support, spare parts are supplied by them.

Our premise is to deliver the highest quality standard and to keep our complaint rate as low as possible, but to find customer-oriented solutions in case of problems. Therefore, we do not offer special solutions outside the legal deadlines, but we also offer a very good and practical service after them.

Please send us a mail to contact@~@mivice.com with all relevant infos about you and your bike and we will try to find a partner close to you.

If we could not help you with our FAQs and you did not get the help you need directly from your bike manufacturer, please send an email to service@~@mivice.com.
We will do our best to help you with your questions & problems.

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