Mountain eBike

Built to rock your hometrail. Our X700  motor delivers satisfying flow whether you're climbing or descending. Based on an independent visual  platform and a large amount of test data on complex trail conditions, a high-efficient, but nice performing motor been achieved. Peak power of more than 800 W,a maximum efficiency of 80% and a strong peak torque of 100Nm is the best option flowing on your hometrails.

Maximum Power

Stable And Consistent

Smooth Trail Performance

Very Efficient


Power: 250W
Voltage: 36/48W
Torque: ≥100Nm

Size: 3.5 inch TFT
Functions: Navigation/Power shift function/Speed/Health data

The X700 mid-drive motor provides a vigorous power output; the rated parameter is 36V/250~550W, peak power greater than 800W, and maximum efficiency of 80%. The strong peak torque output of 100Nm is without doubt the best option for climbing power, combined with surging, wild but very efficient, stable, smooth switching, and controlled riding feeling.

Mountain eBike Impressions