Mountain eBike

The motor delivers satisfying flow whether you're climbing or descending. Based on an independent visual debugging platform and a large amount of test data on complex trail conditions, a high-efficiency, low-jitter, low-latency driving state has been achieved. Peak power of more than 800 W, a maximum efficiency of 80% and a strong peak torque of 100Nm is the best option flowing on your hometrails.

X700 System – Mountain

The X700 mid-drive motor provides a vigorous power output; the rated parameters are 36V/250~550W, peak power greater than 800W, and maximum efficiency of 80%. The strong peak torque output of 100Nm is undoubtedly the best option for climbing.

But also for cargo use this mid-drive unit is a good fitting option. Using a dedicated cargo software-tune, a strong peak power and torque in the beginning help you to get your loaded cargo bike moving. Also the multi-battery option with up to four 540Wh batteries is a nice addition for this category.

Maximum Power

Stable And Consistent

Smooth Trail Performance

Very Efficient

Power: 250W
Voltage: 36/48W
Torque: ≥100Nm

Size: L34.80MM 1.44 TFT 
Functions: Speed/Mileage display

Mountain eBike Impressions