City eBike

In the City: Based on the riding experience generated by our very sensitive torque sensor, bringing you the ultimate riding experience: quiet, light, efficient and as individual as your lifestyle.

Hidden Design

Super Lightweight

Almost Without Pedal Resistance

Excellent Choice For Folding & City Bike


Power: 250W
Voltage: 36V
Torque: ≥35Nm

Power: 250W 
Voltage: 36V/48V 
Current Limit: 14A 

Signal: Bilateral 
Range: 0~100Nm 

Size: L34.80MM 1.44 TFT 
Functions: Speed/Mileage display

With the motor size of 79,5mm, the system achieves a rated power output of 250W, peak power of 450W, and torque of 35Nm. The noise control of entire system achieves 55db. The unique patented design achieves ultra-low sliding resistance allowing you to ride almost free from resistance even without power. Suitable for folding and city bikes.

City eBike Impressions