Urban eBike

Getting around town quickly and easily. Whether on the way to the office, to the café or to the shops. What is needed here is a system that is easy to handle, lightweight and not necessarily designed for maximum power. Your everyday companion...

Smooth Performance

Very Compact

Super Lightweight

Best Choice For Urban & Road Bikes


Most of the riders like compact lightweight and integrated design. Very comfortable riding or commuting, primarily on surfaced roads.

Power: 250W
Voltage: 36V
Torque: ≥35Nm

Power: 200W~350W
Voltage: 36V
Current Limit: 14A

Signal: Bilateral 
Range: 0~100Nm 

Size: L34.80MM 1.44 TFT 
Functions: Speed/Mileage display

This rear hub motor weights only 1.7kg. An integrated hidden solution controller, a high-precision torque sensor and a compact multi-functional screen display form a set of light and small hidden power system solutions. The system design restores the appearance of an „original“ bicycle.

Urban eBike Impressions