Therefore MIVICE eBike-Components

Our mission is to turn our passion for biking into products - giving everyone in the world the opportunity to positively experience the MIVICE product that is right for them. We do not only develop products theoretically - we also test and try our components intensively ourselves on the roads, trails or gravel paths. The experience of both drives us to develop and produce the best possible product for you.

According to the characteristics of different scenarios and applications, by optimizing and integration the motor, gear transmission, controller, torque sensor and HMI, we develop solutions to achieve the best performance.


Low friction design

With its unique clutch system, the engine is designed with low friction so that its performance is very close to that of a natural driving experience.


Efficient design

Ultra-wide efficiency platform, system efficiency is higher than 80%.


Hidden design

The bottom bracket torque sensor, hub-type motor, and matchbox-type controller are designed to be invisible.


Design for reliability

MIVICE Torque sensors have been tested on 2 million load cycles; 68 ambient temperature test cycles; 120 hours vibration test, the Torque Sensor signal is always reliable and stable. MIVICE Motors have been tested under long-term working temperature of material ≥260°C; 50.000 times the impact test results are qualified; bench test ≥500 million kilometers; it has no deformation, movement and abnormal noise of the gearbox. Controllers have waterproof SR test.


Best riding expierence

MIVICE'S self-developed software platform and underlying code, combined with self-developed motors and torque sensors, to tune the best riding experience.

Riding with MIVICE components:
more performance, more fun

A head start through our own research and development

MIVICE has established R&D centers globally and has brought together experts and senior technical teams from industries, R&D personnel accounted one third (!) of our employees. Since our foundation in 2017 we have applied more than 60 patents, along with accomplished multiple technological breakthroughs and innovations in the research and development & manufacturing of motors, controllers, torque sensors and other products. This shows our high degree of innovation processes we are focussed in.

In addition, MIVICE has state-of-the-art development and production capacities.

advantages for partners from industry and trade

MIVICE always implemented the industrial manufacturing standards and management concepts of top international companies. Strictly enforced international requirements in each aspect of product development, manufacturing and quality control. The systematic and complete solution provides our customers with a unified technology platform and a high adaptability. High reliability, very nice performance, very efficiency products and solution oriented supporting services.

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