MIVICE office expansion in Shenzhen city – the city of innovation & technology

With the development of the brand and the demands we place on our customers, we decided to expand our development team in Shenzhen and move to new premises.

In 2017, we started in a manageable area of 150 sqm – the new premises now have an area of 1600 sqm, 10 times more than we do now (!)

The new office is mainly home to our controller R&D, engine R&D, product management division and and also the sales team responsible for southern China.

However, not only the area but also the equipment and the flair of the new premises now provide for better, more efficient working.

The office equipment was designed to meet the most modern requirements of the working world; the MIVICE spirit can be felt here in every corner.

This naturally also allows us to host customers in an appealing setting and to identify even better with the MIVICE brand. Also, the new, fresh environment better addresses the needs of talents.

For our company, the move is therefore a further step in our growth, which fills us with pride and motivates us to continue to grow and develop for the benefit of our customers and for our own requirements.

Outside view of the new mivice office
Development team in Shenzhen to new premises.
Furnishing of the offices with office chair, table and laptop
Entrance with outdoor seating areas